Girl in Taxi
The Quartet have pretty smooth moves.
Production Number: 7
Aired: 2/18/2010
Characters Barbershop Quartet, Peachdress
Written by Rob DenBleyker
Kris Wilson
Dave McElfatrick
Length 0:49
Previous Episode The Race
Next Episode Waiting for the Bus 2

Barbershop Quartet Hits on Girl From Taxi is the seventh animated short for Cyanide and Happiness and introduces the Barbershop Quartet, who harmonize everything and anything.


The scene starts with a taxi and two other cars waiting at a red-light. The screen shows the inside of the taxi to find all four members of the Barbershop Quartet squeezed into the back. Suddenly, Peachdress walks by the taxi and all four take notice. As the light turns green and the taxi stops to move, three members come out of windows one by one harmonizing, "Hey babe", "What's your name?", "Do you wanna hang out?" Suddenly, as a twist, the taxi driver comes out a window and harmonizes, "You've got nice tits." The members realize no one is driving the taxi and harmonize "Oh shit" right before the taxi crashes into a tree causing the driver to fall out.


  • This is the first episode to introduce a reoccurring character.
  • This episode has one of the longest titles with a total of thirty-five characters.