Doctor's visit

Doctor's visit
No. of people 2
Author Kris Wilson, Chase Suddarth


The animation starts with a man running while shouting "Wee!" but accidentally trips onto a bucket, which contains lava.

The next scene shows the man covered in bandages. The doctor then appears and asks him what was the problem. He asks whether he has the case of the "Silly Willies" but it turns out it was another guy. He then figures out that he's the burn victim, and tells that he was in luck. He says that laughter is the best medicine and starts laughing, soon to have the victim laugh as well. The doctor wonders why he was laughing, as he was going to die. He starts laughing heavily because he got burned. Soon after, the burn victim dies and the doctor's laugh turns to cries. He then says "Oh well" and throws him into the medical waste, only for the guy with the Silly Willies to knock him out.


Man: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!... Weeeeeeeeeeeeee... (trips and lands on bucket) Aaaaaaaah!

(scene is in hospital)

Doctor: Alright, what seems to be the problem here? Do you got a case of the Silly Willies? No wait that's that guy. Oh! You're the burn victim. We-he-hell, you're in luck, because I hear laughter's the best medicine. I'll write you a prescription right away. (starts laughing)

Man: Hehehe...

Doctor: Wait. Why are you laughing? You're gonna die. Do you think that's funny? (clears throat and laughs heavily) Hahaha You burnt your bucket You burnt your head Hahahahaha!

Man: (dies)

Doctor:(laugh slowly turns to cries) Oh well.


  • This is the first, and so far only animation with Kris's characters.

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