Harry the Handsome Butcher is a nigger-faggot who of course, sells meat. His look can also attract women. In "Harry the Handsome Butcher" short, He cuts a circle of the skin off his face when a red-head woman ask for the best meat he has. The removal of his facial skin leaves him looking horrifying, and it scared some of his customers.

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In "Harry the Handsome Butcher 2", he eventually got fired because he made his business lose half a star. After being insulted to get out of the place, Harry cuts a circle of his boss's face, replaced it to his face. After finding a brand new job as a mechanic, he helped a black man to set up his computer by removing the face on his head, place it in the CPU as a disk. The black man then fainted, and Harry was fired again. He now uses a blue disk to replace his face.