Noodles are just that good.
Production Number: 13
Aired: 5/3/2010
Characters Redshirt
Length 1:13
Previous Episode The Sign Part 2
Next Episode The Magic Hat

I Love Noodles is the thirteenth Cyanide and Happiness short.


The short starts with Redshirt and Blueshirt eating cups of noodles. Blueshirt comments, "Man, I sure love noddles."

Redshirt only laughs and counters, "Not as much as me, Dude. Not as much as me." which is immeidately countered so Redshirt asks Blueshirt how much he loves noddles.

Blueshirt breaks into a song about how much he love nuddles starting on a background covered in cups of nooddles. Then parasailing into a giant cup off noodles in 'Noodle Land', hugging a different large cup of noodles, and finally going off in a hot air baloon shape like a cup of noodles

The song cuts off and Blueshirt asks redshirt how much he loves noodles, only to fine Redshirt having sex with his cup and is horrified.


  • This is the first animated short with a song.