Production Number: TBA
Aired: 1/23/2014
Characters Peter Jackson
Length 3:17
Previous Episode Totally Forgot
Next Episode Nice Place

Junk Mail is video released in January 23rd, 2014.


Peter Jackson is watching TV and changing TV Channel and turn it off. He was bored, but he hears email in his phone and email said "Enlarge your penis 2 day reply now" and he clicks reply and his penis larger than other.

Later, he goes to the park. Blueguy walks with his dog but he meets Peter Jackson and he uses penis touch his dog and walks away. He is passing line to getting hot dog and hot dog seller sells hot dog and he really angrys and he replaces small hot dog into big hot dog.

Peter meets the bird and whistles together and suddenly new email hears and emails said "Make $50,000 a month from home" and he clicks reply. Later, he is rich and takes money to everyone and beggar joins him and new email appears and said "I am deposed Nigerian Prince :(" and he looks sadly and reads continue and said "You are my only living relative" and said continues "Please share bank info, so I can send $$$$". Later, Nigerian Prince joins with him too and they buy tricycle and new email saids "Hot single girls in your area" and girls joins with him too (except Beggar) and suddenly new email said:

"When are you visting, dear?



And he deletes his mother's email. And suddenly new email appears but reveal cursed email said "I am the ghost of a 13 years old girl" and said continue "You must forward this email to 10 people" and said continue "If you don't I WILL MURDER YOU" and he deletes and suddenly, the 13 Year Old Ghost Girl appears and cursed him.

After Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery, they make funeral to him and his penis gets cut. Nigerian Prince puts his crown to mourning and gravedigger takes inheritance but he still alive. They dances for Peter Jackson alive and birds cry.


  • Peter Jackson cursed by ghost.