Kris Wilson
Kris' picture on his Facebook page.
"WHO IS AWAKE AT THIS HOUR? Crazy bitches and bastards, that's who."
―Kris at a very late night. 4/12/2011

Kristopher "Kris" Wilson is an American webcomic cartoonist on, which is a site dedicated to the Cyanide and Happiness comic strips. Kris is the first creator of Cyanide and Happiness. At the age sixteen, he had strep throat, and created Cyanide and Happiness as a result of his boredom. He started to draw comics by hand, but eventually started doing the comics on the computer, and showed his forums to Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick, the webmasters of 'Sticksuicide', saw potential in Kris' comics, and started contributing to his comics.

Kris has participated in many events along side his colleagues. Ever since creating the comics, Kris Wilson has been fortunate enough to go on for eight years since January of 2005 and still brings laughter to the readers of his comics. The characters in his comics are known for their big heads and small bodies. His Superhero mascot is the most popular, Seizure Man. Seizure Man has a Blue outfit with the words SM in yellow hand writing with black outlines. He has a dark blue cape. Another superhero, Rubber Arm Man is seen in the early comics. He has had many different themes throughout his comics, but most focus on family and romance.