That's the biggest pigeon I've ever seen!
Production Number: 4
Aired: 1/27/2010
Characters Old Lady RedDress
Written by Kris Wilson
Directed by Rob DenBleyker
Length 0:30
Previous Episode Book
Next Episode The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere

Pigeon is the forth animated short for Cyanide and Happiness.


The scene opens with Old Lady RedDress sitting on a park bench with a paper bag next to her. A pigeon flies over and Redress reaches into her bag and tosses some food to the pigeon. All of the sudden, Hobo shows up, kicks the pigeon against a light post where it dies. The hobo gets down on his knees and starts shoveling the food into his own mouth, then takes the bag from RedDress and runs away, coming back to take the dead bird.


  • The pigeon dies after hitting the lamp post.


  • The pigeon is kicked by Hobo


  • The episode starts with a reference to a popular stereotype about senior citizens.
  • The food RedDress tossed seems reminiscent to cheesepuffs.