Oh, a magic show, what could go wrong!
Production Number: 14
Aired: 5/4/2010
Characters Magician
The fetus
Length 0:53
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Next Episode The Hard Way

The Magic Hat is the fourteenth short of Cyanide and Happiness.


The short starts with a Magician in front of a group of four children. Magician explains, "For my next trick, I will cast a spell but boys and girls you must not tell, for within my hat we have fantastic toys and trinkets for all the girls and boys. So wish for this or for that. I shall pull out your wish from my magic hat." He holds his hat out towards the children. "What would you like young lady?" He asks Pinkdress.

Pinkdress asks for a balloon and is given a deflated one. Orangeshirt asks for a racecar and was given a toy racecar. Finally, Blueshirt asks for a baby brother.

Magician says, "Just a moment" and pulls out a fetus and the kids run away in terror. Magician looks at the fetus and starts screaming as well.


  • The fetus likely dies from not being in its mother. Debatable