Waiting for the Bus 2
May he rest in peace.
Production Number: 8
Aired: 3/01/2010
Characters Blueshirt
Written by Rob DenBleyker
Chase Suddarth
Length 2:08
Previous Episode Barbershop Quartet Hits on Girl From Taxi
Next Episode Speed Racist

Waiting for the Bus 2 is the eighth animated short for Cyanide and Happiness currently found on the site and the sequel to Waiting for the Bus.


Blueshirt is seen sitting in front of the TV when Pinkdress comes in and points out that "Today was dad's birthday". Blueshirt just looks sad and turns off the TV. He comes over to Pinkdress and they stop in front of a picture of their dad, the protagonist from Waiting For The Bus, which is no longer available on Pinkdress commented, "You must admit, he did somethings most of us only dream about."

Blueshirt offers a small smile and agrees with her earning a comforting half hug from Pinkdress. As Pinkdress leaves, Blueshirt seems to realize something while looking at the picture and up at all the awards. Blueshirt then flips the picture facedown and walks away. Turning back on the TV.

The actual episode ends and the rest of the time is spent on nonsense credits.


  • This episode is a sequel to an episode no longer available on
  • If one is quick to notice, the nonsense credits mention to expect a Part 3 at some point. This has not happened yet.
  • The nonsense credits end with "We made the credits long so that you'd think the short was longer than it actually was."
  • The actual episode is 1:04