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Yellowshirt in 1661]


"FOOLED YOU" Greenshirt to Yellowshirt

Yellowshirt was a character devised by the creative minds of cartoonists on Though not playing a direct part in the series like Greenshirt or Blueshirt, Yellowshirt is the deuteragonist, and appears in the comic strip the most, NOT including Blueshirt or Greenshirt. His personality is somewhat smart, bubbly, enthusiastic, and pretty much the most enthusiastic characters in the series.

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Greenshirt to Yellowshirt.

"Look at this turtle I found behind the barn!"
―Greenshirt's feeble attempt to fool Yellowshirt.

Yellowshirt was confronted by Greenshirt one day and was told to look at the "turtle" Greenshirt had found behind the barn. Confused, Yellowshirt replied back that Greenshirt wasn't holding anything and they didn't even have a barn. Pointing back and laughing, Greenshirt just remarked that he had fooled Yellowshirt.

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